St. Mark's Lutheran Church Servant Fund

In November 0f 2003 the congregation of St. Mark's voted to establish The St. Mark's Lutheran Church Servant Fund.

The Servant Fund is made up of an Endowment Fund and two Memorial Funds.

These funds were established to receive and administer bequests, estates, insurance, memorials and other assets.

The Servant Fund

The Servant Fund is dedicated to the Glory of Almighty God and is to be used to enable the further extension and stewardship work of our church... Servants of Christ the Servant.

The Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is a fund that is invested for the long term.

The principal of the fund corpus is not spent.

The money earned is spent annually to fund Christian projects that the Servant Fund Board with the guidance of the congregation votes to fund.

The rules of the Servant Fund Board allow spending five percent of the Endowment Fund corpus each year for funding Christian projects.

The Servant Fund Board designates the amount to be spent from the Endowment Fund each year in the fall.

The Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund is actually two funds.

The Designated Memorial Fund is to be spent for the Christian project that is designated by the person honored or by their representative.

The Undesignated Memorial Fund is made up of memorial donations that are given to the church undesignated.

These funds can be spent on projects that are selected by the congregation and voted on the by the Servant Fund Board.

Memorial funds can be spent in their entirety as they are received.

Servant Board Members:

Laura Donnelley,

Madeline Grimm,

Dolores Morelli,

Mary Karter,

Jenny Winter